PRECLEANSE (150ML) by Dermalogica

Why you should NEVER sleep in your make up

Ok, sometimes we get lazy dolls but leaving make up on over night is a BIG no no,  It’s soooo bad for a number of reasons, one in particular is aging!

The pores are the opening into our skin, and makeup, tan, pollution and oil sit in our pores. If you go to bed with make up on all these toxins and chemicals remain in the skin and stop the skins nightly cell rejuvenation process-  that results in bad, dull and congested skin (boo)

We have spoke on the blog about exfoliation and why it’s so important, and cleansing is no different, When removing make up we swear by double cleansing- Yes if you are not doing this then you ain’t doing it right gal!

Make-up wipes are another biiiig no-no, A lot of them will break down the skins natural barrier- this can lead to hyper sensitivity and all year round redness in years to come (trust us!)

Dermalogica have this amazing oil called ‘pre-cleanse’ (all in the name) We use it as a make-up remover it will take off the toughest of make up (water proof mascara we are looking at you) and wash away any excess oil in the pores, it’s really gentle on the skin too and smells ah-maze! Leaving your face clean and ready for a deep pore cleanse with your cleanser of choice!





PRECLEANSE (150ML) by Dermalogica

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