The Secret to great hair

Using a good conditioner always helps but with the right hair care regime- magic happens (que the glossy hair in tv ads!)

If you want hair that feels silky AND is healthy you should invest in the right products, Kerastase products contain a high grade of each ingredient which is why it’s has a bigger price tag to some supermarket brands,  The high quality ingredients don’t just sit on the hair shaft to give an illusion of soft hair, They penetrate through to treat hair and strengthen it from the inside out!

If you have hair that’s dry and needs a little loving the Kerastase Nutritive range is your saviour! You will notice your hair going from straw to silk in a week……



Start off by shampooing (using a 50c size coin amount of shampoo on wet hair)

Kersatase Bain Satin

Bain Satin (link)



Next up is conditioner, Wring out hair and work conditioner in from mid-lengths to ends, leave for 3 mins and rinse


Kerastase All Hair Types

Lait Vital (link)


and finally a little mask magic… I love to use this as a treatment at least once a week, put through slightly damp hair and leave for 30 mins.. make sure you rinse out really well too as it’s quite rich with oils!


Masquintense epais by Kerastase


Masque Magistral/masquintense (link)