Your Pregnancy Skincare Guide

Becoming pregnant can be a very exciting time and we want to do what’s best by our bump, With hormone levels up and down your skin can suffer massive changes.

It can be quite confusing knowing what you can and can’t use on your skin, Our advise would be to keep it simple

Things to avoid

Retinol (present in a lot of anti-aging products)

Acne Creams- look out for salicylic acid, beta hydroxy acid & BHA, These ingredients are not to be used.

Things to use

The most common pregnancy skin complaints are acne breakouts, redness and sensitivity, We have put together a list of our pregnancy favs to keep your skin glowing


All skin types

Dermalogica special cleansing gel


dermalogica special cleansing gel



All skin types

Image vital hydrating enzyme mask


Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Masque by Image Skincare


Best for excess oil

Prevention plus daily matte moisturiser SPF32




Redness relief/breakout clearing

Ormedic serum





Best for pigmentation and un even skin tone

lightening serum


Iluma Intense Lightening Serum by Image Skincare