Dermalogica overnight retinol repair

oh retinol you magic ingredient..! You want your skin to have a more youthful apperance doll?

We hear you! Say hello to Dermalogica’s overnight retinol repair

It contains 0.5% encapsulated retinol that helps increase collagen production and cell turnover, peptides and antioxidant Vitamin C to help reduce uneven skin tone and discolouration. It’s a concentrated night time retinol treatment cream that can help soften fine lines and reduce the appearance of skin aging- it literally works while you sleep!

The Overnight Retinol Repair helped to soften my fine lines and filled my skin out a little to make it stop looking so dull and lifeless..! It is scented like lavender, which is simply lovely- especially at bed time



The Overnight Retinol Repair also comes with a Buffer cream, which is a lightweight moisturiser that helps to acclimatise the skin to the active form of retinol. Dermalogica recommends that you mix the retinol cream with the Buffer Cream and apply it to cleansed skin at night. Once your skin has acclimatised to the retinol, you may use the retinol cream on its own. So it basically builds up your skins tolerance to the active ingredients so there is no reason for any sensitivities!

Products like this with active ingredients work so well but you also have to be super careful dolls, Always read the instructions and never use within 72 hours of waxing or exfoliation.