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The difference between dry and dehydrated skin

Ok Dolls, In our blogs we want to educate you about our products and what is best for you, Too often we get confused with all these beauty lotion and potions (there are soooo many) so it kinda gets a little bit frustrating when you are trying to choose a product for you! (that is where us dolls come in!)

Firstly is knowing your skin type, Often when we ask someone what is there skin type they say ‘combination’ Now, sometimes this is because different areas of the skin have different skin concerns- a lot of the time this is due to using the wrong products,

Dehydrated skin and dry skin are confused a lot (they both feel dry and dull) but one is a skin type and the other a skin condition! Want to know more, keep reading…….

Dry Vs. Dehydrated skin

Dry skin

  • Lacks oil
  • Is a natural skin condition from birth
  • Needs oil-rich products
  • Feels dry all over
  • Ages faster
  • Constantly needs moisture


Dehydrated skin

  • Lacks water
  • Can be experienced by anybody
  • Can feel both oily and dry
  • May experience breakouts
  • Comes and goes depending on diet/weather or incorrect product use
  • Need water-rich products



Dry skin lacks oil

Signs? Itchy, tight and sensitized skin

Dehydrated skin lacks moisture

Signs? Flakey, dull, combination skin


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