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Daily Microfoliant

Exfoliation is soooooo important it slays off dead skin cells and brightens skin, It’s a life saving step in skincare (Really!) We’re not going to get overly scientific so in a nutshell Daily Microfoliant is a rice-based enzyme powder that exfoliates dulling debris (dead skin and oils) to brighten and even skin tone!

There are a few ‘cult’ products in the Dermalogica range and Daily Microfoliant is one of them (If you haven’t heard of this where have you been doll?!)  There is a reason why they are called cult products, because they are ah-mazing for your skin and have stood the test of time!

It is suitable for all skin types and it’s gentle enough for daily use (all in the name)

To use- Carefully (we stress this) tip some powder (approx half a tea spoon) from the container onto your hands (make sure hands are quite wet) rub hands to create a paste. Work it into your skin- avoiding eye area- for approx 1-2 mins, Rinse off and your done!

Tips we have for you….

  1. NEVER let water into your daily microfoliant container (You might cry, it will ruin all the powder)
  2. Always rinse off exfoliant  really well (other wise it will leave a residue)
  3. Use moisturiser afterwards (hey silky skin)


Your daily microfoliant should last you ages, remember to only use a small amount gorgeous!

Happy glowing skin gals!


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