Iluma Intense Lightening Serum by Image Skincare

Image Iluma intense lightening serum

ILUMA™ Intense Lightening Serum In a nutshell: A gentle, soothing serum to help prevent sun spots. Smells like: Piña colada 😊 Who is it for: Everyone! Used to treat rosacea, sun damage, irritation and sensitive skin. Inflammation, red marks caused by spots. Speeds up the healing process. This is one of Image Skincares staple products. […]

PRECLEANSE (150ML) by Dermalogica

Why you should NEVER sleep in your make up

Ok, sometimes we get lazy dolls but leaving make up on over night is a BIG no no,  It’s soooo bad for a number of reasons, one in particular is aging! The pores are the opening into our skin, and makeup, tan, pollution and oil sit in our pores. If you go to bed with […]

Volumifique impulse amplifying Mousse by Kerastase

Kerastase Volumifique impulse amplifying mousse

  If your hair is fine and doesn’t like to be weighed down with product (nobody likes the greasy look!) Then Kerastase Volumiactive mousse is for you! This mousse is light with a gorgeous ‘fresh’ scent- it’s like stepping straight out of the hairdressers chair, It adds body with shine and leaves hair with full, […]

image skin care ageless total repair creme

What is glycolic acid?

The world and it’s mother has been going a little cray-cray over glycolic acid, Yes it’s a bit of a magical ingredient but it is also a very active compound, So we do stress that you follow instructions given to you (If you are unsure about any skin concerns you can contact the dolls directly on […]