dermalogica skin hydrating booster

Dermalogica Hydrating Booster

All skin types need good hydration, The right hydration reduces blotchy red and rough patches, plumps up the skin , helps the surface reflect light better, and makes skin feel gooood.  Hello, glow.  Dermalogica’s hydrating booster is a little bottle of goodness! Firstly I’ll state this isn’t a moisturizer, it’s a booster (basically like a serum but […]

Kardashian take-2-Dry-Shampoo

Kardashian dry shampoo

Being a woman is a bit of a balancing act and when it comes to time saving products we HAIL dry shampoo, The only problem we find with dry shampoo is sometimes it leaves an icky residue! We have tried sooooo many dry shampoos none of them work quite like the Kardashian take two dry shampoo,   […]

LW Tan bronzing Mouse

Lauren’s Way Tan

We know how much the sun damages our skin so we believe in faking it! Lauren’s way tan gives you that sunkissed look without any orange hues, It has a nice deep brown shade that makes you look like you have stepped off a Caribbean cruise, The Dark shade has a fab colour so a […]

High Definition (HD) Brow Define Pencil

Nothing screams flawless like a defined brow, Us dolls believe that you are never fully dressed without your brows! The HD ‘brow define’ is one of our holy grail brow products High Definition (HD) Brow Define is a long-lasting, medium-firm brow pencil enriched with waxes for easy application and is ideal to fill, define, blend, and […]

Kardashian Kbody-Volume-Foam

Kardashian Volume Foam

All great hair starts with even better styling products, And big hair is at the top of our glam goals list, we just don’t feel our fabulous selves without a little va va voom..! The K-Beauty Hair Volume foam provides amazing lift and texture with touchable support (creates hold without being sticky) Volumizing proteins in […]

image skin care Vital C Hydrating Facial Oil

Image Vital C Hydrating Oil

Earlier this year the glamdolls were super excited to be at the launch of Image Skincare’s new products for 2016, Out of the six new products the Vital C Hydrating oil was the one we were most excited about, With all the lotions and potions us dolls try and test we know a good one when […]